SOBLAC21: February 5 and 12 from 2-5pm PDT

A Symposium as we work to launch the Society of Black Language and Culture (SOBLAC)

Organizers: Anne Charity Hudley (UC Santa Barbara), Mary Bucholtz (UC Santa Barbara), Tracy Conner (UC Santa Barbara) and the Talking College Project

Hashtag: #SOBLAC21

Time: Friday, February 5th from 2-5pm PDT and Friday, February 12 from 2-5 PDT

Register here: (

Location: Zoom links will be sent to registered participants.


We invite research presentations from all perspectives on African-American language, literacy, and culture for SOBLAC21. We also invite papers that support the professional development of African-American linguists.

There are two presentation options: flash presentations and general research presentations.

  • Lightning Talks (open to K-12 students, undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty, and those in careers beyond academia) will be 5 minutes long for all presenters.
  • Undergraduate general research presentations will be 10 minutes long with 5 minutes of questions
  • All other general research presentations (open to graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty, and those in careers beyond academia) will be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes of questions.

Please send abstracts in PDF format to by December 7, 2020. Abstracts should be 500 words or less and limited to one page of text. Bibliography, glossed/transcribed examples, and images may appear on a second page of text and do not count toward the abstract word limit. Please indicate if you prefer a lightning talk, undergraduate research, or general research presentation.

Abstracts that are exclusively authored by undergraduate and/or graduate students are particularly encouraged. We also encourage group submissions.

On both Fridays, we will also be hosting webinars on the professional experiences of African-American linguists including publication, tenure and promotion, and strengthening the network of scholars who study African-American language, literacy and culture. If you are interested in hosting or moderating a webinar, please email:

Anne Charity Hudley, who serves as the vice chair of the council of planning and budget for UCSB, will lead a webinar on conducting a target of opportunity hire in linguistics and related disciplines from both the perspective of the candidate and the recruiter.

Anne Charity Hudley will lead a webinar on the scholarship of teaching and learning of Black students with a focus on the concept of liberatory linguistics (Charity Hudley, Mallinson, and Bucholtz (2012).

Mary Bucholtz will lead a one-hour Q&A session on how to be anti-racist through not replicating negative behavior with a focus on white allies/co-conspirators/accomplices.

Notifications will be sent to selected presenters by January 5, 2021 and confirmation of participation is requested by January 15, 2021.