Structure of Program

Preparation for the Summer Program

Prior to the summer program, from mid-January to late March, you will take a special, seminar-style online introductory linguistics course at no cost to you, taught through The University of California Santa Barbara’s Linguistics Department. This course will provide all students with a shared foundation in linguistics and help you develop your research skills.

From early April to early June, you will form a research group with other HBCU students depending on your general research skills and interests. You will work together to collect preliminary data at your respective colleges and universities.

Summer Program Outline

When you arrive for the program on June 22nd, you take a second level linguistics course and you will be involved in the Talking College Book project which is designed to empower African-American students as they make cultural and linguistic choices during their college years. You have the choice to be a researcher and a participant or just a researcher. This means you can share your experiences in interviews as well as collect other students experiences in interviews, or just collect other students experiences in interviews. The program ends on August 14th, 2020.

Program Duties and Activities

As a student in this program, you can expect to spend at least 20 hours a week doing program related activities including research, coursework, professional development and networking, and optional social events.


  • Meet weekly with your graduate student mentor and faculty adviser.
  • Collect data during weekly trips to colleges and universities in northern and southern California.
  • Present your data and analysis at lab meetings.
  • Write up and present your results from any of the following research methods including sociolinguistic interviews, corpus building, statistical analysis of grammatical patterns, instrumental phonetic analysis, and discourse analysis.


  • In the spring you will take Ling 20, an online introductory course that gives all students in the program a shared foundation in linguistics.
  • During the the summer, you will take Ling 101 at UC Santa Barbara in order to develop skills in linguistic research methods and analysis.

Professional development and networking

  • GRE prep, grad school/fellowship application workshops, etc.
  • Meet faculty, administrators, students, and staff around campus and at nearby universities.

Social events

  • Beach, bowling, ice cream, etc. in our downtime!