Welcome Tracy Conner, PhD, CCC-SLP!



We are delighted to share that Tracy Conner, PhD, CCC-SLP has joined us as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Linguistics of African America in the Department of Linguistics at UCSB.

Tracy earned a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Sociology at Stanford University and MA in Speech Pathology and a PhD in Linguistics at UMass Amherst.

Tracy Conner is an experimental syntactician who studies the syntax and morphosyntax of African American English. She is also interested in how theoretical description of dialects of English can be extended to impact broader areas such as education and social justice for dialect speakers. Her research projects span three areas: theoretical syntax and African-American English, experimentation and prosody research, and child language acquisition of African-American English.

Tracy teaches courses on African American English, African-American Language and Culture, and Speech and hearing. She also supervises undergraduate and graduate students. Her rich background in linguistics, sociology, and speech and hearing connects and strengthens both our departments offerings and our interdisciplinary reach. She also enriches our ability to provide viable professional pathways for all of our graduate and undergraduate students.

Tracy is uniquely qualified to join us at UCSB due to her experience mentoring of undergraduate students, the majority of whom were students at HBCUs, as a coordinator for the Summer Dialect Research Project (SDRP) through the Center for the Study of African American Language at UMass.

Thanks so much to Dean John Majewski, Mary Bucholtz, and Bernard Comrie for their tremendous efforts in helping bring Tracy to UCSB. And special thanks to our colleagues Georgia Zellou and Aranovich at UC Davis for supporting Tracy’s participation at the 2019 LSA Institute.