2020 Program Scholars

meet our 2020 linguistics scholars


Shannon Robinson

Western Michigan University

Shannon is a fourth-year speech pathology and audiology major with a minor in social work. Shannon is interested in the ways languages develop over time and strategies for combating language extinction. Her interests also include perceptual and cognitive mechanisms in speech perception. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys reading, yoga, being outdoors, shopping, and watching Netflix.

TyJae Jordan

Morehouse College

Tyjae is a second-year psychology major with a double minor in sociology and communications. TyJae is interested in the impacts of migration on urban language patterns as well as the interplay of American English dialects. In their spare time, TyJae enjoys any opportunity to have a good conversation.

Kayla Mitchell

North Carolina A&T University

Kayla is a second-year speech pathology/audiology and social work major. Kayla is interested in the unique possibilities of linguistics education and research in the context of historically Black colleges and universities. In their spare time, Kayla enjoys dancing and reading.


Angel Longus

Stevenson University

Angel is a second-year psychology major with a sociology minor. Angel is interested in the ways new languages immerge and develop and the relationship(s) between language and culture. In their spare time, Angel enjoys reading, writing, art, music, and going on adventures.


Jullien Harris

North Carolina A&T University

Jullien is a recent graduate with a bachelors in speech pathology/audiology. Jullien is interested in the ways linguistics frameworks can be applied to speech pathology research and language variation in the American South. In their spare time, Jullien enjoys reading, streaming, and playing video games.

Alyssa Frick-Jenkins

University of California Santa Barbara

Alyssa is a third-year Black studies and linguistics double major with an emphasis in French.

Harmony Donald

North Carolina A&T University

Harmony is a second-year speech pathology/audiology student with a minor in English. Harmony is interested in how African American English is perceived in a school environment and work environment. In their spare time, Harmony enjoys reading and playing the violin.